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    looking to save money on healthcare costs & plan for the future!
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    Open your Idaho MSA in one simple step.
  • MSAs Are
    Family Friendly!
    Learn about how an Idaho MSA can help
    your family save money and improve your health care.
  • Upgrade Your
    Employee Benefits!
    See how offering an Idaho MSA is a
    cost-effective way to help your employees
    while you simplify your benefit package!
  • Agents & CPAs,
    Be Their Hero!
    Reduce client's taxable income,
    shore up their insurance policies &
    strengthen your relationship with their portfolio!

Open Your Idaho MSA

Open your medical savings account in one simple step from our website.  Just fill out the quick and easy form and we'll do the rest!

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Individuals / Families

Learn about how an Idaho MSA can help your family save money and improve your health care.

Help Your Family

Employers / HR

See how offering an Idaho MSA is a simple and cost-effective way to help your employees & upgrade your benefits!

MSAs for Employers

Agents / CPAs

Reduce your client's taxable income, shore up their insurance policies & strengthen your relationship right along with their portfolio!

Help Your Clients

Welcome to Idaho MSA

Idaho MSA is a premier medical savings account program brought to you through the collaboration of American Health Value and Idaho Independent Bank.

By combining Boise-based American Health Value's 18+ years in MSA and HSA Administration with Idaho Independent Bank's statewide presence and hometown banking feel, we will be bringing all Idahoans a premier tax-favored medical account they can actually use and understand!  

Whether you're interested in the MSA as an individual, a family, or an employer group, we have the tools to help you learn how these accounts can benefit you and your bottom line.  Take a tour of our brand new website and let us know how we can help!  We look forward to the opportunity to serve our friends and neighbors all across the beautiful state of Idaho!

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