About Idaho MSA

​"Idaho MSA" is a collaboration between American Health Value and Idaho Independent Bank.  These two local, Idaho-based companies have come together with the sole focus to provide Idahoans the premier Medical Savings Account in the State, and are each bringing their unique and specialized services to the table to accomplish that goal.  

American Health Value is bringing their 18+ years of MSA/HSA benefit administration on a national level back home to Idaho for the benefit of their friends and neighbors. Through the years they have seen every scenario, and know every legality and loophole.  They truly have the knowledge and expertise required to tailor these accounts and maximize their benefits to fit each and every Idahoan, and are so proud to be able to partner with Idaho Independent Bank to lend their skills and experience to a product that will help people save money on their healthcare expenses and plan for their futures.

Idaho Independent Bank is founded on the values of hard work, friendliness, and integrity. If people want a bank they can trust and that serves the citizens and businesses that make Idaho and its communities stronger and more prosperous, then they’ve come to the right place. They believe that their services, local decision-making, and flexibility enable them to treat their customers in a special way. Relationships mean everything to them. They are invested in, and passionate about, their customers and the communities they serve.

​About American Health Value

American Health Value is a privately held company that was founded in 1996 to administer Medical Savings Accounts on a national level.  They actually wrote the first Federal MSA on January 1, 1996!  They are headquartered in Boise, ID and currently have both Federal MSA and HSA (Health Savings Accounts) clients in 49 of the 50 states.

American Health Value's greatest asset outside of their vast knowledge and experience in the field is their personalized customer service.  From the large employer group to the individual policyholder, they truly treat each and every account like it is the most important account they have.  This philosophy places a large focus on the client experience, so things like automated phone trees and big impersonal call centers are the furthest from what you'll find when contacting their office.  They will work with employers and individuals alike to provide the necessary level of assistance and advice specific to each account to help you get the most out of your MSA.  

About Idaho Independent Bank

Idaho Independent Bank (IIB) was founded in October of 1993 to fill a void in Idaho caused by the many bank mergers, consolidations, and centralizations taking place at the time.  At IIB, they believe that customers come first and do not want to deal with big, impersonal banking giants. Instead, they are looking for an Idaho bank with friendly people who are more apt to know you by name, a bank with local management that can approve loans without a lot of red tape, and a full-service product line utilizing the latest technologies.  Today, and always, that is exactly what IIB is about.  They are The Idaho Bank®.

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