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We know that these are your clients first, and your name is on the line when you refer them to open healthcare accounts.  You want to be sure you hand them over to someone who is accessible and knowledgeable.  Someone who has the experience to understand their issues and help them so you're not sidetracked from your own business while you're dealing with unnecessary client troubles.  Someone you can trust to handle their issues quickly and accurately, the first time.

At Idaho Independent Bank, the relationships with our trusted agents, brokers and CPAs that we work with each and every day are just as equally important to us as the relationships with our valued account holders.  We hold our referral partners in the highest regard, and we are constantly listening to you to and improving ourselves, our products and our services in order to meet the needs of you and your clients. 

Opening Idaho MSAs through Idaho Independent Bank provides both you and your clients the opportunity to experience the accuracy, knowledge and high-touch customer service we've fine tuned through all the years we've been in business.

We know these are your clients first, and your reputation is on the line.  So find the peace of mind Idaho Independent Bank can provide you and your clients, and refer them over us to handle all of their Idaho MSA needs.  

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Here are some additional benefits to offering the Idaho MSA program:

  • Increase Your Reach
    • Due to MSA flexibility, everyone in Idaho is eligible
    • This casts a very wide net of potential clients
    • You can put on seminars, webinars or meetings to general public
    • It's a foot in the door for employer groups
    • Gain numerous referrals from happy clients
    • Never an unqualified lead (as long as they file a tax return!)

  • Reduce Client Attrition
    • By being aware and knowledgeable of the latest and greatest programs
    • By saving them roughly 7.5% on their Idaho tax returns
    • By strengthening your relationship with your clients
    • By writing multiple products for every client & increasing dependency

  • Generate New Revenue
    • Pick the low hanging fruit with an easy cross-sell to existing clients
    • Approach old unqualified leads with an easy sell to bring them back into the fold
    • Use the wide appeal of this program to bring in fresh faces to sell all your products and services, building your brand and your book

  • Utilize Our Resources to Accomplish All of This
    • We've been at this a long time, and we have the resources to prove it
    • Educational handouts, flyers and brochures
    • Videos, Infographics and PowerPoints
    • We'll do full agency presentations to get all your agents up to speed
    • We'll do HR presentations to explain the Idaho MSA to the higher-ups
    • We'll also do employee presentations to help everyone understand their benefits
    • Whatever our agents need, we deliver!  All you have to do is ask!

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