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Medical bills can be confusing and will often contain coding and industry language that makes it almost impossible to review your own bills for accuracy.  Even worse, some studies show that up to 80% of all medical bills contain errors!  Those errors could be costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. 

Our goal is to do everything we can to reduce the healthcare costs for our account holdres, and we now offer access to a medical bill help service that saves people anywhere from 10-70% off their bills by negotiating them down on your behalf.  These medical bill negotiators are the same ones that have been advocating for the insurance companies for decades, and now you can finally benefit from their knowledge and experience too!

Medical bill negotiating offers:

  • Average discounts on medical bills ranging from 15-65%
  • Personal attention from bill negotiators who average more than 13 years of experience
  • Eligibility on any bill over $200
  • Risk-free program - If you don’t save money on your bill, there is no fee
  • Negotiations both before and after medical services are rendered

How To Use Your Card

In order to access the medical bill negotiating services, you'll need to log in to the discount program platform.  If you don't have an account, or haven't yet received your card you'll need to register for an account.

Once you’re logged in, click on “Medical Bill Help” in the menu on the left.  Then just click the “How to Get Started” tab and follow the instructions to navigate to the medical bill negotiating website.

The first thing you'll do once you reach their website is create a free account.  Next, you'll scan and upload your medical bills and they'll review them.  If they are able to save you money after negating them down on your behalf, they’ll take a percentage of the savings for their fee.  If they save you nothing, their services cost you nothing.  Give it a try, there’s no telling how much you could save on your medical bills!

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Need Some Help?

View the FAQ section below or just contact our office, we're always here to help you!  If you have any questions or need any help with the medical bill negotiation services, let us know and we'll take care of it for you immediately.  Making sure our account holders are happy is our number one priority, and we look forward to the opportunity to help you and your family in any way we can.

Phone:  (208) 338-8018


Address:  401 W. Front Street #100  Boise, ID 83702

Program Disclaimer

This is Not Insurance.  It is a discount medical program.  It does not replace COBRA or any other medical insurance program nor is it a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan.  WellCard Health does not qualify for essential coverage under the Affordable Care Act (ACA-ObamaCare).  Cardholders are responsible for paying the discounted cost at the time of service from participating providers.  WellCard Health has no membership fee nor is participation in any organization or purchase of any good or service required to obtain or use WellCard Health.  WellCard Health will not share or sell your personal information.  The discount plan organization is Access One Consumer Health, Inc. (not affiliated with AccessOne Medcard), 84 Villa Road, Greenville, SC, 29615,  This program is not available to residents of Montana, but may be used by non-residents at participating Montana providers.  Other state residents: visit for full disclosure statement.

State by State Regulations:

Maryland•   •Massachusetts•   •Texas•   •Utah•   •West Virginia•   

This plan is not available in AK, MT and VT.

What Others Say:

"Insurance was only going to pay about 50% of the cost. Your expertise was all that saved me from having a big out of pocket expense. I believe you saved me 75% of what the insurance did not cover. Thanks again."

-Frank E. from Caldwell, ID

"Thank you for your efforts. I really appreciated the quick turnaround on this. Medical bill negotiation is a service I wasn't aware of until recently, so it's a bit of a learning curve for me. Thanks again!"

-Bill J. from Mountain Home, ID

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