MSA Fee Schedule

We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent regarding the fees associated with our Idaho MSA Program.  Please review the fee structures below, and don't hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions.  We're more than happy to help you find the answers you're looking for!

American Health Value's Fees:

American Health Value is the administrator of the Idaho MSA.

Annual Fee:  $36

  • This is the only fee American Health Value charges to operate and manage your account.  It is paid when the account is opened, and again at the renewal date each year as long as the MSA remains open.
  • This fee allows you unlimited access to American Health Value's customer service team of MSA Specialists, in addition to all of the monitoring, reporting and compliance they do on your MSA.  
  • You will also receive access to their healthcare discount program that can save you hundreds of dollars on prescriptions, dental and vision costs, doctor visits and more as soon as you open your Idaho MSA.

​For $36, you're getting a lot in return!

Idaho Independent Bank's Fees:

​Idaho Independent Bank is the custodian of the Idaho MSA, or the bank that holds the money in your account.  

Monthly Minimum Balance Fee:  $4.00

  • This fee will be imposed every statement cycle if the balance in the account falls below $500 on any day during that statement cycle.

Monthly Paper Bank Statement Fee:  $1.25

  • This fee is waived the first 90 days the your Idaho MSA is open.  If you do not successfully enroll to receive electronic statements within 90 days of account opening, your account will be assessed a paper statement fee each month.  E-statements are free, and allow you to access your monthly statements online anytime or anywhere, with the click of a mouse.  It's safe, convenient and environmentally friendly.

For a complete list of additional fees that may apply to your account, contact Idaho Independent Bank.

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